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Albums Soundtracks

About Last Night

(Original Soundtrack, 1986)

  1. Sheena Easton: So Far So Good
  2. John Oates: (She's The) Shape Of Things To Come (Lyrics)
  3. Sheena Easton: Natural Love
  4. Jermaine Jackson: Words Into Action
  5. J.D. Souther: Step By Step
  6. Bob Seeger: Living Inside My Heart
  7. Nancy Shanks: Trials Of The Heart
  8. Michael Henderson: 'till You Love Somebody
  9. Paul Davis: If We Can Get Through The Night
  10. The Del Lords: True Love
  11. John Waite: If Anybody Had A Heart


Ruthless People
(Soundtrack 1986)


    Performed by Mick Jagger
    Written by Daryl Hall, Dave Stewart and Mick Jagger
  2. "NO SAY IN IT"
    Written and Performed by The Machinations
    Performed by Kool & The Gang
    Written by Ronald Bell, James Taylor and Kool & The Gang
    Performed by Luther Vandross
    Written by Luther Vandross and Nat Adderley Jr.
    Performed by Nicole J McCloud
    Written by A. Nova
  6. "STAND ON IT"
    Written and Performed by Bruce Springsteen
    Written and Performed by Billy Joel
    Performed by Paul Young
    Written by Marvin Gaye, Barrett Strong and Norman Whitfield
    Performed by Dan Hartman
    Written by Dan Hartman and Charlie Midnight
  10. "Neighborhood Watch" (Instrumental)
    Performed by Michel Colombier

The Secret Of My Success - Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack (1987)

  1. The Secret Of My Success - Night Ranger

  2. Sometimes The Good Guys Finish First - Pat Benetar

  3. I Burn For You - Danny Peck/Nancy Shanks

  4. Riskin' A Romance - Bananarama
    Producer - Daryl Hall, Tom T-Bone Wolk
    Written-By Ollie Marland, Paul Waller, Siobhan Fahey

  5. Gazebo - David Foster

  6. The Price Of Love - Roger Daltrey

  7. Water Fountain - David Foster

  8. Don't Ask The Reason Why - Restless Heart

  9. 3 Themes - Daivd Foster

  10. Heaven & The Heartaches - Taxxi


Earth Girls Are Easy.jpg (11882 Byte)

Earth Girls Are Easy
- Original Soundtrack

(release May 9, 1989)

  1. Daryl Hall & John Oates: Love Train (Lyrics)

  2. Royalty: Baby Gonna Shake

  3. Society: Hit Me

  4. Jill Jones: The Ground You Walk On

  5. The N: Earth Girls Are Easy (Brown/Coffey/McNally/Smith)

  6. The B-52's: Shake That Cosmic Thing

  7. Depeche Mode: Route 66 ["Nile Rodgers Mix"]

  8. The Jesus and Mary Chain: Who Do You Love

  9. Stewart Copeland: Throb

  10. Julie Brown: Brand New Girl

  11. Julie Brown: 'Cause I'm a Blond (Brown)


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earthgirlsareeasy video.jpg (11717 Byte)

Dangerous Ground (Soundtrack, 1996)

  1. Ice Cube: The World Is Mine

  2. Jay-Z: You're Only A Customer

  3. Celly Cel: The Only Way

  4. MC Lyte...: Keep On Pushin'

  5. Keith Murray: Dangerous Ground

  6. Mystikal: Mr. S"" Talker

  7. Whitney Don: Buddup Bap

  8. K-Dee: Fa-Sho

  9. B-Legit featuring Daryl Hall:
    Ghetto Smile (4'17)

  10. Krs-One: Perhaps She'll Die

  11. Too Short: It's Alright

  12. The Click: Struggled & Strived

  13. Spice I: Two Hands And A Razor

  14. Crooked: Murder

  15. La Ganz: Count On Me

  16. Lil Doe Doe: Chocolate Chips

    Ghetto Smile: (B.Jones/ K.Gardner/ D. Hall/ J. Oates)

    Performed by B-Legit featuring Daryl Hall

    Produced by Kevin Gardner and Redwine

    Lead Vocals: B-Legit and Daryl Hall

    Background Vocals: Daryl Hall

    contains a portion of the composition

    "Sara Smile" written by Hall & Oates

Runaway Bride (Soundtrack 1999)

  1. U2: Still haven't found what I'm looking for

  2. Dixie Chicks: Ready to run

  3. Martina McBride: I love you

  4. Daryl Hall & John Oates: Maneater (Lyrics)

  5. Evan and Jaron: From my head to my heart

  6. Eric Clapton: Blue eyes blue

  7. Daryl Hall & John Oates: And that's what hurts (Lyrics)

  8. Shawn Colvin: Never saw blue like that

  9. Dixie Chicks: You can't hurry love

  10. Marc Anthony: You sang to me

  11. Allure: You're the only one for me

  12. Coco Lee: Before I fall in love

  13. Kenny Loggins feat. Human Nature: Once in a lifetime

  14. Billy Joel: Where were you

  15. Miles Davis: It never entered my mind

Cherish soundtrack2002

Cherish - Soundtrack (US, 6/4/2002)

  1. She's Gone - Daryl Hall and John Oates

  2. Tainted Love - Soft Cell

  3. Breakdown - Noe Venable

  4. I Melt With You - Modern English

  5. Private Eyes - Daryl Hall and John Oates

  6. I'm Not In Love - 10CC

  7. Cherish - The Association

  8. Happy Together - The Turtles

  9. (Keep Feeling) Fascination - The Human League

  10. Down Easy - Noe Venable Trio

  11. Alone Remix - Original Score Composed By Mark De Gli Antoni

  12. Get Up And Move - The Impressions

  13. While I'm Alone - Maze (Featuring Frankie Beverly)

  14. I Love You - Climax Blues Band

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